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Established in the late 1980s by Elena Marquina - known as Nani, the daughter of Catalan designer Rafael Marquina - Nanimarquina took the market by storm with a brand new concept for the times: turning the classic rug into a contemporary design product.

In 1994, Nani ventured to move production to India, where she discovered the unlimited scope of craftsmanship and the cultural value of the rug. Today, with an unwavering respect for tradition and the environment, Nanimarquina continues to produce rugs in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Working with Care & Fair, an organization founded to fight child labour and improve the quality of life of rug manufacturers and their families in India and Pakistan, and with care for the environment as a constant throughout the company's history, Nanimarquina have been designing long-lasting rugs that do not take part in throwaway consumer culture and that foster recycling, thus promoting a more conscious form of consumption.

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