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Oblique Rug 170x240cm £3,709.00

Oblique Rug 170x240cm

From £3,709.00
*Colours are representative, actual product may vary.
Oblique Rug 170x240cm by Matthew Hilton for Nanimarquina. this rug transcends traditional boundaries, employing a unique combination of techniques and textural intricacies to redefine the essence of space. The Oblique collection embraces understated elegance with its minimalist graphics and earthy hues, connecting us to the natural world. Matthew Hilton's innovative approach breathes new life into the age-old tradition of layered rugs. By skillfully juxtaposing oblique figures in varying orientations, he bestows a geometric finesse upon these monochromatic wonders, instilling volume and depth into their surroundings. Handwoven from 100% Afghan wool, the Oblique Rug is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Its distinct pile heights are achieved through a harmonious blend of hand-knotting and sumak techniques, resulting in four distinct patterns that invite movement and engagement. More sizes and colours are available, please contact the store.

W: 1700 x D: 2400mm

Fiber: 100% Hand spun Afghan wool

Technique: Hand knotted

Type: Persian knot + Sumak

Density: 49.600 knots/m2

Weight: 3.50 kg/m2

Pile height: 9-20 mm

Total height: 29 mm

Due to the irregularity of the hand spun afghan wool yarn, during the dyeing process, the yarn can get different colour shades.

More colours, sizes and patterns are available - please contact the store.

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