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Wardrobes Collection


Nowhere in the home is storage more important than in the bedroom - wardrobes ensure that our clothes are not only kept tidy but also protected and all easily available for daily selection. The modular storage solutions offered by Aram Store provide an almost infinite level of personalisation through size, style, material, colour, and accessories to create your ideal wardrobe.

Contact our design service, where we will be able to assist you in creating your perfect storage solution. Call us in store on 020 7557 7557, or email [email protected].


The creative soul, the innovative drive and the experience of Flou have resulted in a stunning range of wardrobes. The style is immediately perceptible and expressed through the use of luxurious materials, the precision of the production processes and the great attention to each and every component and finish detail.

Flou’s Guardaroba 16.32 wardrobe collection is orientated towards personalisation and the expression of individual style, through the availability of a wide range of components - doors, handles and interior fittings.


Porro wardrobe 'Storage' systems offer considerable versatility - the modular concept means that you can build up a bespoke configuration to provide just what you want. A choice of hinged, sliding and pull-out sliding doors fit modules of width 500, 600, 750, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm and standard heights of 1953, 2273, 2433, 2593 and 2913mm (can also be cut to size). We have a powerful CAD design tool in store to help create your ideal configuration.

There is also a wide range of lacquer colours, gloosy and matt, and wood veneers for the surface finish, plus a choice of numerous door handles.

USM Haller System

Discover the beauty of bedroom storage that’s perfectly tailored to your style and needs. Use color combinations to add a new stylistic dimension to your bedroom or match existing decor – or select pieces in pure white or black for elegant minimalism. Make the most of in-built lighting elements to throw your clothing into crisp relief or provide the room with a subtle background glow. You can even use the USM Haller system to build a complete storage system for your walk-in wardrobe.

Try the interactive online configurator to design your own USM Haller wardrobe. once you've finished, USM will forward your enquiry back to us.

Montana Wardrobe

Montana Wardrobe is a flexible storage solution that allows you to express your own personal style, colour scheme and needs when designing your wardrobe. Available in Montana's 40 water based lacquer colours.

Montana Wardrobe comprises five basic modules in 60 cm depths and made from 16 mm MDF. Use an empty basic module as starting point and add Wardrobe accessories or choose from Montana's wide selection of furnished Wardrobe modules, to which additional accessories can be added. Try the Montana design tool by tapping the button.

Contact our design service, where we will be able to assist you in creating your perfect storage solution. Call us in store on 020 7557 7557, or email [email protected].