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USM Modular Furniture

In 1965, USM's Haller modular furniture system was the first of USM's modular furniture systems to be launched onto the market. It was initially developed by Paul Schärer Jr., an engineering graduate of the ETH of Zurich, together with Fritz Haller, an architect based in Solothurn (CH), to meet USM's own requirements in the offices of its newly constructed production facility in Münsingen.

It is based on an open system principle - able to be modified and extended in almost any way desired, it provides a great deal of adaptability to individual needs for organisation and design at both the office and in a home environment. Aram Store stocks a range of USM display pieces and has fully trained staff to design bespoke units to meet individual needs using powerful AutoCAD software.

Choose from the selection of configurations shown below or contact the Store to create your own solution, tailored exactly to your needs and requirements, Visit us in store, call, email or chat to us via the chat button below.

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Click to view a video of USM production and quality

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