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Noche Rug 170x240cm £3,196.00

Noche Rug 170x240cm

From £3,196.00
*Colours are representative, actual product may vary.
Noche Rug 170x240cm by Ariadna Miquel and Nani Marquina. These hand-knotted rugs, crafted from jute fiber, exude a fresh and rustic charm while boasting exceptional qualities inherent to this remarkable material. Jute, often referred to as "the golden fiber" for its natural sheen, thrives in tropical regions, notably India and Bangladesh. Beyond its alluring luster, jute offers a profound eco-conscious appeal. Being 100% biodegradable and recyclable, it leaves no environmental footprint, aligning perfectly with sustainability values. Notably, jute stands as one of the most resilient plant fibers, providing insulation and anti-static properties. More sizes and colours are available, please contact the store

W: 1700 x D: 2400mm

Fiber: 100% Hand spun Jute

Technique: Hand knotted

Type: Indo Nepal

Density: 74.400 knots/m2

Weight: 5 kg/m2

Pile Height: 1 mm

Total height: 16 mm

Due to the nature of vegetable fibers, colour can vary slightly within the same 
rug. In addition, prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight can produce discolouration and a fading effect.

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