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Do-Lo-Rez Rug 184x276cm £3,087.00

Do-Lo-Rez Rug 184x276cm

From £3,087.00
*Colours are representative, actual product may vary.
Do-Lo-Rez Rug 184x276cm by Ron Arad for Nanimarquina. This rug is more than mere flooring; it's a pixelated image in low resolution brought to life in a mesmerizing three-dimensional form. Do-Lo-Rez isn't just a rug; it's a bridge between the virtual and real worlds. Conceived as a unified entity alongside its sofa counterpart, this project challenges conventional design boundaries. Its name, a play on "do low resolution," reflects Ron Arad's inspiration drawn from pixelated images. Crafted with precision using hand-tufting techniques, each square stands at a different height, creating a textured landscape reminiscent of a digital pixel grid. The rug's unconventional format, replete with multiple vertices, evokes an unfinished puzzle, enabling tailor-made rugs that adapt to your unique vision. More sizes and colours are available - please contact the store.

W: 1840 x D: 2760mm

Fiber: 100% New Zealand wool

Density: 56.000 tufts/m2

Technique: Hand tufted

Weight: 5 kg/m2

Pile height: 8-15-25 mm

Total height: 36 mm

Each square measures: 23x23 cm

Other colours and sizes are available - please contact the store for more information.

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