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Winter Accessories: Gifting Focus

Winter Accessories: Gifting Focus

Over the past twelve months we have sought to add interesting but lesser-known design studios to our carefully selected accessories range. Now, with the winter festive season upon us, we want to spotlight a selection of the brands and some of the new pieces in store.

aot studio Bucatini candle holder

a.o.t Studio

a.o.t. Studio is a conceptual modern design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Equally intrigued and dissatisfied with the history of making, they focus on learning, unlearning, rethinking, and challenging traditional practices. In order to reshape conventional making processes, all of their designs are crafted by hand from inception and then tweaked where necessary for batch production. This handmade or ‘hand-designed’ approach can be seen clearly in the seemingly squashed Mondo tealight, in the bent and twisted tubular Bucatini candleholder and the Vasi Vase.

Vasi Vase by aot studio

These designs make up a part of their ‘Primi’ collection, which is centred around the studio’s material-focused exploration into the realm of aluminium. Having delved into its historical uses, sustainable context, and philosophical qualities, a.o.t’s research inspired innovative ways of manipulating and liberating aluminium with nothing more than their hands. The culmination of designs, which are all produced in Denmark, play with our preconceived ideas of handmade and machine-made aesthetics.

Smoke Incense Holder by Kanz Architetti

KANZ Archittetti

Established in Venice in 2014 by Antonella Maione and Mauro Cazzaro, KANZ Architetti operates as a multidisciplinary design studio encompassing architecture, restoration of residential structures, commercial interior design, temporary design, and product design.

It is within the field of product design that KANZ Architetti has collaborated with local glass masters, ceramists, turners, carpenters and other passionate Italian artisans fostering an independent production ethos.

The Smoke incense holder is meticulously handcrafted from blown borosilicate glass, renowned for its resistance to thermal shock, making it the perfect material to withstand the heat of burning incense. The holder features a drop of coloured glass applied to the body of the object, which creates an internal hollow that can be used to hold incense sticks. It is available in two colours exclusive to Aram: green and blue.

Mohair Lisos Throw by Mantas Ezcaray

Mantas Ezcaray

Founded in 1930 by Cecilio Valgañón, Mantas Ezcaray is a Spanish family run textile company that specialises in producing high-quality blankets, throws, and home textiles. Based in the small town of Ezcaray, in the northern region of La Rioja, Spain, the company is renowned for its commitment to historical craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

One notable product from Mantas Ezcaray is the hand-woven Mohair Lisos throw. Mohair, derived from the Angora goat's fleece, is considered one of the world's most luxurious natural fibres. Its inherent attributes of whiteness, shine, and silkiness contribute to vibrant and enduring colours. Mohair blankets are recognised for their lightness and warmth, as Mohair is thermo-regulating, adapting to the wearer's temperature and maintaining it. Mantas Ezcaray carefully source from reputable suppliers around Spain and worldwide, all of whom uphold the five principles set by the Farm Animal Welfare Council and do not partake in the practice of mulesing. Ezcaray throws hold the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label meaning that every component has been tested for and determined free of substances harmful to human health.

Available in a variety of bold striking colours and designs, Mantas Ezcaray’s throws are the perfect gift to brighten up a living space.

Soliflores by Manip


All of the designs produced by French company Manip go through developmental stages in designer Maxime Lis’s workshop. Lis has conceived a range of objects with diversified functions that are naturally linked by a clear style, which he terms ‘Minimum Act.’ The aim of this approach is to create modern yet timeless pieces which encourage a relationship between human and object. Made from high quality powder-coated steel, the Soliflore series possesses a contemporary sleek and angular form. Designed to be folded up at home, thus encouraging personal interaction, this unique ‘vase’ is perfect for creating a graphic decorative feature to your space. Soliflores are available to purchase in store only. 

All of the designs mentioned are, at the time of writing, in stock and on display at 110 Drury Lane, so please visit us online and in-store to find out more.