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Smoke Incense Holder £41.65

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Smoke Incense Holder

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from Kanz.

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*Colours are representative, actual product may vary.
Smoke Incense Holder by Kanz. This extraordinary piece is meticulously handcrafted from blown borosilicate glass, adding a touch of refinement to your incense rituals. The Smoke Incense Holder's exquisite glass construction not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures exceptional durability. The borosilicate glass is renowned for its resistance to thermal shock, making it the perfect material to withstand the heat of burning incense. With its minimalist yet striking design, the Smoke Incense Holder creates a mesmerising visual display as the fragrant smoke delicately dances through its carefully crafted apertures. The transparency of the glass allows you to witness the enchanting interplay of light and smoke, adding a touch of magic to your sacred space. Beyond its aesthetics, this holder features a built-in ash-catching dish, keeping your environment clean and tidy. Available colours exclusive to Aram: green and blue.

W: 250 x D: 80 x H: 50mm

Exclusive colours available from Aram only.

Made of handcrafted borosilicate glass.

Colour may change over time due to the character of the material.

Minimal variations in shape, size and colour are to be considered an exclusive feature, a sign of quality and non-serial production.

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