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Vasi Vase £119.00

Vasi Vase

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Vasi Vase by a.o.t Studio. Sculpted with timeless design in mind, the Vasi Vase redefines elegance. Its fluid, asymmetrical form, inspired by nature's grace, adds a touch of modern sophistication to any space. Meticulously handcrafted, this vase transcends décor, becoming a work of art on its own. Crafted with premium materials, it stands as a symbol of both durability and beauty. Whether showcasing blooms or standing alone, the Vasi Vase transforms your interior with its understated yet captivating presence. Elevate your aesthetic with the enchanting Vasi Vase – where craftsmanship transforms into inspiration.

W: 250 x D: 100 x H: 270 mm

Hand-made in Denmark

Because it is hand-made, there will be small variations in the shape of each item.

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