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Christmas Accessories Aram Store

This year’s Christmas accessories collection includes decorative ceramics, Scandinavian homewares and unusual gifts for children. The full range can now be found in our Covent Garden store, with a large selection also available to shop online. Here are some of our favourites.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store Zanotta &Klevering Kahler

Clockwise from top left: rocket Wonderball, wooden Pelican, Lyngby vase, Geometry tea-setUrbania candleholder. Displayed on Zanotta Servomuto tables.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store Stelton Vitra

Left to right: Stelton EM coffee pressStrøm vase, Geometry mugSpindle desk tidy, Girard Little Devil, Vitra Miniature Eames Aluminium chair.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store Spring Copenhagen Montana Vitra

Clockwise from top left: Paul Farrell greetings card, Vitra L’OiseauSalt Penguin. Displayed on Montana Panton Wire cubes with an Eileen Gray Non-conformist chair on the right.


Aram Store Serax concrete vases

Concrete vases-cum-planters displayed on Montana Free shelving.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store &Klevering Serax Vitra

L-R: astronaut Wonderballconcrete vase, Girard doll.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store Vitra Girard Dolls Naver

Girard dolls displayed on a Naver Turn table.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store Flos Eileen Gray Claus Porto

L-R: Claus Porto diffuser, Flos Bellhop lamp, wooden sparrow. Displayed on an Eileen Gray Round side table.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store Carl Hansen Knoll Saarinen Lyngby Ildhane

L-R: Ildhane candleholder, Lyngby vase, Salt Egg, Alpha Mail letter card. Displayed on a Knoll Saarinen side table with a Carl Hansen & Søn CH25 chair on the right.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store Artek Glas Italia Marset Eames Elephant Vitra

L-R: small Eames Elephant, Marset Bicoca lamp, Girard doll, Multiplor desk tidy, Circle vase, Eames House Bird, Nelson Clock No.2, Florero paper vase cover. Displayed on a Glas Italia Pirandello desk accompanied by an Artek 60 stool.


Christmas Accessories Aram Store MDF Italia Random Shelving Tense Table Kahler Serax

Items displayed on the MDF Italia brass Tense Material table left to right: Hammershøi tealight holder, Alpha Mail letter card, Urbania candleholders, Florero Siena paper vase cover, Flower vase onetwo and three. A number of decorative items can been seen on the MDF Italia Random shelves including a Claus Porto Cerina scented candle, a carved wooden bird and brass Girard decorations.

Wednesday 19 December is the final dispatch date for pre-Christmas delivery. This applies to in-stock items only.

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Eames DSW upholstered chair - Vitra - Aram Store

This Winter, in conjunction with Vitra, we have two promotions that centre around some of Charles and Ray Eames‘ best loved designs. For the dining room, we highlight the DSW upholstered chair: buy six chairs for the price of five. Simply place six matching chairs into the shopping basket and the value of one chair will be deducted as a discount. Available in a very wide combination of materials – 28 Hopsak fabrics, 14 plastic shell clours and four wood base colours – contact the store to see the entire range.

Eames Plastic Chair Collection - Vitra - Aram Store

The Eames Plastic Chair collection was originally designed for the ‘International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design.’ This competition, sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art, was motivated by the urgent need in the post-war period for low-cost housing and furnishing designs adaptable to small housing units. For years, the designer couple explored the fundamental idea of a one-piece seat shell moulded to fit the contours of the human body. After experiments with plywood and sheet aluminium in the 1940s produce unsatisfactory results, their search for alternative materials led them to glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin. Today Vitra manufactures the comfortable seat shells of the Eames Plastic Chairs in polypropylene.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Limited Edition Mahogany - Vitra - Aram Store

Possibly the most iconic of all of the Eames’ designs is the lounge chair and ottoman. Vitra have created a limited edition for this Winter in FSC-certified sapele mahogany wood – characterised by a rich, red-brown colour and a distinctive ribbon grain. Paired with black Premium grade leather and a black lacquered aluminium base with polished edges, this edition of the lounge chair and ottoman presents an especially elegant and refined appearance. It also comes with an exclusive free gift: a matching version of the LTR occasional table, with mahogany laminate top and a dark coated wire base. This version of the table is only available as a gift with the lounge chair set.

Receive an exclusive free gift of an LTR occasional table with a mahogany top and dark metal base with the mahogany lounge chair and ottoman

Both of these offers run from 01 November until 31 January 2019.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Mahogany edition - Vitra - Aram Store

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Carl Hansen & Son - new colours to celebrate 110th birthday

28 October 2018 marks the 110th birthday of eminent Danish manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn. Carl Hansen founded his company in a small workshop in Odense on the island of Funen in Denmark in 1908 – it now occupies over 18,000 square metres of factory space across 12 buildings in Gelsted. Maintaining production in Denmark also maintains the tradition of passionate craftsmanship that is the company’s hallmark.

CH24 Wishbone chair - new colours for Autumn

The ‘Russet Hues’ colour palette – rosy blush, russet red and deep burgundy

CH24 Wishbone chair - Autumn colour palette

The ‘Harmony’ colour palette – oyster grey, forest green and deep olive

To celebrate this birthday, Carl Hansen & Søn have released two new earthy colour palettes each of three tones, curated by renowned art director and stylist Despina Curtis: ‘Russet Hues’ – earthy colours deeply rooted in nature: rose blush, russet red, deep burgundy; and ‘Harmony’ – fresh and calm neutrals that borrow from beaches and woodlands: oyster grey, forest green, deep olive. These lacquer colours on beech frames with natural papercord seats are also released at a special introductory price of just £500, until 31 December 2018.

Ch24 Wishbone - Carl Hansen & Son birthday colours

As a further ‘birthday present’ we are also offering a special discount of up to 26% off five of the classic wood Wishbone finishes: soaped, oiled and black lacquered Oak, and soaped and black lacquered Beech. The discounted price is £575 until 31 December 2018.

CH24 Wishbone Chair - Hans Wegner - Carl Hansen & Son - Wood

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As the evening light is closing in earlier, we have a new range of table and suspension lighting to add some mood to the darker evenings. During the month of October we will also offer 15% off all new lighting orders. See our online selection here with additional products from our suppliers available to order in-store.

Dipping light-Jordi Canudas-Marset-Aram Store

Dipping Lights by Jordi Canudas for Marset

The stunning Dipping Light by Jordi Canudas for Marset is an experiment with light and paint. The globe diffuser is brilliant white blown glass which is dipped in paint several times. The layers of paint draw concentric circles and capture the light, moderating its intensity. Colours are amber, black, blue, grey, pink and white – suitable to almost all domestic schemes.

Each lamp illuminates with different shades of light depending on the paint colour. The cylindrical base is made of brushed brass. The small size measures 12.5 diameter x 22.2h cm and the larger size at 30 diameter x 54h cm is large enough to be used as a floor lamp as well as on a table.

Bellhop table lamps-red and grey-Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby-Flos-Aram Store

Bellhop lamps by Barber and Osgerby for Flos

The Bellhop table lamp was originally designed by Barber & Osgerby as a commission by the London Design Museum in 2016. It was conceived for their Parabola restaurant and was produced in spun aluminium in navy blue. Now in full production by Flos, the sleek and striking lamp comes in white, grey, chocolate and brick red injection-moulded polycarbonate. It is a cordless LED lamp, rechargeable with four dimmer settings, that provides low glare illumination. It offers six hours of battery life at full power and 24 hours at the lowest setting after three hours of USB charging.

Arrangements-Michael Anastassiades-Flos-Aram Store

Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades for Flos. Photography by Santi Caleca.

Fascinated with the parallel that exists between lighting and jewellery, Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades is an elegant lighting system which draws on the double meaning of the word pendant as a suspended light and a piece of jewellery which is worn around the neck. Geometric linked elements are extruded NC-machined and black powder-coated aluminium with the diffuser in platinum optical silicone. Elements can be combined in different ways, creating multiple compositions into individual suspended chandeliers. Each piece clicks in place to rest on the one above.  Ceiling roses with two power sizes are available, for lamps with up to 70w and up to 190w.

Arrangements model 29S is on display in our store. It is a combination of two medium circular elements at 65cm diameter and a small ceiling rose. Other configurations and all elements are available to order in-store only.

PH 5 Limited Edition Copper Poul Henningsen Louis Poulsen Aram Store

Limited edition copper PH 5 lamp by Poul Henningsen, produced by Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has released a copper version of Poul Henningsen’s classic PH 5 pendant to celebrate its 60th anniversary.  The more recent PH 5 Mini lamp is also available in the same finish.  The lamps provide glare-free light with the fixture emitting both downward and lateral light.  The copper is combined with matt white powder coated spun aluminium.

All these designs are currently on display in our Covent Garden store.

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Founded by Peder Olsen Sibast in 1908, Sibast Furniture began as a small carpentry company on the island of Funen in Denmark. The company grew with Peder’s children joining him in the business. His son Helge became his apprentice and later took over the helm. Together their focus was on skilled craftsmanship and developing new products with designers such as Arne Vodder who served his apprenticeship with Finn Juhl, a leading figure within 20th century Danish design. Helge himself designed a number of products and the Sibast No 7 and No 8 chairs launched in 1953.

Sibast No 7 and Sibast No 8 dining chairs and Sibast No 2 dining table_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store

Sibast Furniture No 8 chair, No 2 dining table and No 7 dining chairs

The company was sold in 1984 with copyright of Helge’s designs retained by his three daughters. In 2012 along with his wife Anna, Ditlev Sibast – grandson of Helge, re-established Sibast Furniture and resumed manufacturing Helge’s products. The couple have added to the range with their own designs, amongst them the No 2 dining table, No 7 barstool and No 7 lounge chair.

Sibast No 7 dining chair and Sibast No 2 dining table_Helge Sibast_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store

Sibast Furniture No 7 dining chairs and No 2 table

Helge Sibast’s No 7 dining chair is characterised by its bold molded backrest and tapered back legs. The seat sits as a singular element on top of the chair’s frame and is available in treated oak, leather or fabric upholstery. The frame comes in black lacquered, oiled, smoked or soaped oak. A set of No 7 chairs in oiled oak with cognac leather seats is currently on display in-store.

Sibast No 7 lounge chair_Ditlev and Anna Sibast_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store

Sibast Furniture No 7 lounge chair

The No 7 lounge chair is a contemporary development of the dining chair created by Ditlev and Anna Sibast in collaboration with New York-based designer Marcus Hannibal. The key components of the No 7 dining chair translate perfectly into this relaxed form with the curved back and angled legs providing a solid base to lean into. It is available in the same finish options as the dining version with one exception, the seat is only available upholstered in fabric or leather. The chair can be seen in smoked oak and anthracite leather in-store.

Sibast No 8 dining chair and Sibast No 2 dining table_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store

Sibast Furniture No 2 table and No 8 chairs

For the No 2 dining table Anna and Ditlev collaborated with Helge’s daughter Bodil who followed in the footsteps of her father as a furniture designer and cabinetmaker. Their inspiration came from Helge’s No 1 side table designed in the late 1950s and adhears to his principle that a chair should never be hidden under a table, but placed beside it. True to this philosophy the stringent, narrow No 2 dining table is a refined design which allows chairs placed beside it a chance to shine. It is available in oiled, soaped or smoked oak.

Sibast No 8 dining chair and Sibast No 2 dining table_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store

Sibast Furniture No 8 dining chair and No 2 dining table

A signature piece from the Sibast Furniture range, the No 8 dining chair has characteristic y-shaped legs and a back support formed of spindle struts. The floating seat and the press moulded backrest demand a high quality of craftsmanship in order to create the whole form. The reissued chair has been nominated for the German Design Award 2019 in the product design category. It is in-store in smoked oak and anthracite leather.

View the Sibast Furniture range here or visit us in-store.

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Aram Store dining tables CH338 table Carl Hansen MDF Italia Aiku chair Montana modular furniture

For our latest in-store photoshoot we created a series of dining scenarios which feature two of our most popular table designs: the classic CH338 from Carl Hansen & Søn and MDF Italia’s minimal Lim 3.0. Here we highlight what makes them successful and present pieces they sit well with.

Oval dining tables possess the positive qualities of both a round and rectangular design. Like round tables they create an inclusive seating arrangement where no-one is left out. Simultaneously, they allow plenty of room through the centre for serving or sharing platters and fit comfortably in narrow spaces. Carl Hansen’s solid wood CH338 table was designed in 1962 by Hans J. Wegner, who was a driving force behind the ‘Danish Modern’ movement. This design is particularly adaptable as it accommodates up to four extension leaves which insert into a break in the centre. It is pictured above without an extension(s) in rich oiled oak.

Aram Store dining tables CH338 table Carl Hansen MDF Italia Aiku chair Kartell Componibili

MDF Italia produce Jean-Marie Massaud’s Aiku chair in a spectrum of optional elements and finishes. The chairs pictured have the shell and four-legged tapered base in gloss white, with the internal seat and backrest in matt olive green saffiano-effect polypropylene. This configuration adds a contemporary touch to the natural simplicity of Wegner’s mid-century design.

Also pictured in gloss white are the classic Componibili free-standing drawers by Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell. Lightweight, functional and suitable for use throughout the house, the stackable design has been in production for over fifty years. Componibili holds the honour of being in the permanent collections of both MoMA and the Pompidou Centre.

Aram Store dining tables CH338 table Carl Hansen Miyazaki Chair Factory DC10 chair

Miyazaki Chair Factory’s DC10 chairs are one of our bestselling contemporary dining chairs. Designed for the revered Japanese workshop by Japanese-Danish duo Inoda+Sveje, the DC10 has an elegant, flowing frame. Miyazaki ensure full quality control by manufacturing every part themselves in Tokushima where the company was established in 1969. It is shown above in oiled oak with a beige mesh seat.

Aram Store dining tables Lim 3.0 table MDF Italia Verner Panton chair Montana modular furniture

MDF Italia are known for using materials in innovative ways and the Lim 3.0 table pictured is no exception. The angular, extruded aluminium frame holds an embedded ceramic top with satin finish. Glass and Fenix are also options and all finishes are available in multiple colours. A strong, understated piece of design, Lim 3.0 would suit many chair types from a Thonet bentwood 214 to an aluminium Konstantin Grcic Chair One.

Surrounding the table are Verner Panton’s Panton One chairs. Originally designed in 1955 for a restaurant in Tivoli, Copenhagen, Panton One is re-issued by Montana. They are super comfortable due to the flexibility of the nylon and PVC cord which forms the back and seat. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Aram Store dining tables Lim 3.0 table MDF Italia Artek A810 lamp

Another much admired 1950s design is Alvar Aalto’s A810 floor lamp, which has an Art Deco look. The two hand-riveted shades are formed of delicate, lacquered metal strips, which together present a striking combination of lines and curves. Its stand and base are covered in black leather and the neck is exposed brass.

Aram Store dining tables Lim 3.0 table MDF Italia Montana modular furniture

The Aiku chair can be seen here with a four-legged oak base. The silhouette of which is in keeping with the contemporary aesthetic, but the element of traditional joinery adds a healthy dose of contrast.

Running along the left of the photograph is a custom sideboard from modular furniture experts Montana – as is the blue and cream wall-mounted shelving unit. Montana’s range includes some ‘ready-to-wear’ furniture, like the Panton One chair, but they are equally well-known for their simple, colourful and adaptable storage system. Learn more about them here.

All furniture and lighting shown is currently on display in-store where we hold a library of material and colour samples for the majority of products.

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AJ52 Society Table_Arne Jacobsen_Carl Hansen_Aram Store

Carl Hansen & Søn have released the Society table by design master Arne Jacobsen. Commissioned in 1952 as a gift for the American-Scandinavian Foundation’s New York office, this is the first time it has been available elsewhere.

The desk comes in two sizes – 140cm and 160cm length.  The frame is made of tubular steel and the table top is covered with fine-structured Freja leather in black or brown.  The feet and drawer unit, which can be right or left mounted, are in solid wood with an oak or walnut veneer.  Both can be finished in lacquer, oil, white oil or coloured black.  The optional desktop shelving is made of matching wood and clear glass, its dimensions chosen so that A4 paper and M65 envelopes fit inside.  It has an integrated lamp in brushed stainless steel. It is currently on display in-store without the desktop shelving and lamp module.


BM1160 Hunting table_Børge Mogensen_Carl Hansen_Aram Store_walnut

BM1160 Hunting table_Børge Mogensen_Carl Hansen_Aram Store

Also new from the Danish manufacturer is Børge Mogensen’s Hunting table.  As the name suggests, the table was originally conceived for use in a hunting cabin and was designed in 1950 along with his better known Hunting chair.  Both featured in the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild exhibition in the same year under the theme ‘A Hunting Lodge’.

The table comes in oak, walnut and a combination of these woods, all finished in lacquered, oiled or white oil.  The cross bars are in stainless steel or brass.

The Beak chair was also presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild furniture exhibition albeit the following year.  The light and organic frame highlights designer Ole Wanscher’s sculptural flair with the arms beak-like form inspiring the chair’s name.  It is available in oak or walnut in a number of finishes with the upholstered seat and back in three leather options or a large selection of fabrics.


AK2740 cabinet_Nissen & Gehl_Naver Collectin_Aram Store

New from Naver Collection are the AK 2740 and AK 2742 cabinets by designers Nissen & Gehl.  Made of ash, elm, oak or walnut, the top is in white Corian® and the legs are in brushed steel.  Both units have two internal drawers.  AK 2740, pictured middle, has two glass shelves and AK 2742 has a single glass shelf, another in wood and Corian® wine bottle storage. The tambour doors give the units a vintage appearance and the clever design renders them ideal in tight spaces.


Turn side tables_Nissen & Gehl MDD_Naver Collection_Aram Store

Also from Nissen & Gehl for Naver Collection is the series of Turn occasional tables.  Coming in three sizes at 50Ø, 65Ø and 80Ø cm the top’s edging is made of ash, oak or walnut in different treatments.  The flat surfaces are in the same wood on one side and in a choice of six laminate colours on the reverse.  The top can be flipped to reveal the underside and serves as a tray which can be moved from room to room.

JW round dining table_Jakob Wagner_Montana_Aram Store_oak and black metal

The JW table was designed by Jakob Wagner for Montana.  It comes in nine standard sizes, with round or rectangular tops, in a large range of finishes.  The aluminium frame can be polished or lacquered in black or white and the top is in laminate, linoleum, veneered or solid wood.  Suitable for domestic use as well as in office spaces, optional components are single or double plug walls or embedded power plugs. It is currently on display in-store at 140Ø cm with solid oak top and black legs.


Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman_Charles & Ray Eames_Vitra_Aram Store_cherry

The classic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are now available in a new American cherry veneer.  The wood grain is similar to the original cherry version but the colour is lighter with an almost yellow tone.  The chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956 with the aim of combining an elegant appearance with ultimate comfort.

Eames Elephant_Charles & Ray Eames_Vitra_Aram Store_American cheery plywood

Another Eames’ product available in the new cherry wood is the plywood elephant they designed in 1945.  An offshoot of their moulded plywood experiments the elephant was one of a large group of animals which included frogs, seals, horses and bears, all created as toys or furniture for children.  Complex fabrication methods meant it was not put into production then.  One prototype was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1946 and still survives in the Eames family archives today. Vitra released a limited edition of 1000 in oak and red-stained maple in 2007 which sold out quickly.  The company has now launched serial production of the Eames Elephant in plywood for the very first time.

Find both the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman and the Eames Elephant on display in-store in the new American cherry finish.


Field serving platform_Helen Kontouris_Made by Pen_Aram Store


Field serving platform by Helen Kontouris is available in-store in oak and walnut. The base is in a fixed position whilst the top two shelves rotate making it is easier to share food or condiments with guests.


Woodturn mirror_grey + black_Michał Tokarski_Tre_Aram Store

The Woodturn mirror is by Polish designer Tomek Rygalik.  Made of solid ash and painted in matt black or matt grey it makes a perfect dressing table accessory.  Find it in-store only.


Material samples for all furniture and storage items are available to view in our Covent Garden store.

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Aram Store Summer Sale 2018 starts 16 June

UPDATE: The Summer Sale ENDS on Saturday 28 July 2018.

The Aram Store Summer Sale starts at 10am on Saturday 16 June 2018. As usual, there will be 15% discount off all new orders both online and in store. Some exclusions apply online (such as for products from Gubi, Cane-line, Moooi and Michael Anastassiades – contact the store to order these products with sale discount) and this discount does not apply to Clearance items as they are already heavily reduced. The prices shown online during the Sale are the discounted prices.

Increase your discount to 20% total by signing up to our newsletter. Once you have confirmed your subscription, you will be sent an email with a voucher code to take 5% off the discounted prices.

We also have a very special offer in conjunction with Carl Hansen & Søn – choose a dining table and four chairs from a specific range and get one of the chairs for free! See our journal post here for more information.

There will be BIG DISCOUNTS off a wide selection of ex-display furniture ranging from chairs and tables to bed frames and sofas. These will be offered on a sold-as-seen, first-come-first-served basis.

Here is a small selection – there will be many more available in store:

Doze bedframe - Flou - Aram Store

The Doze bedframe by Rodolfo Dordoni for Flou in kingsize and including its isolated spring mattress is at 40% off – was £4,504 SOLD. Upholstered in ‘Diagonale’ blue fabric. NB – the slat base is a non-dismantle single piece and therefore an access check is required for delivery – contact the store for this. (Pillows and linen NOT included)

Bibendum Chair black base - Eileen Gray - Aram Store Spanish Chair - Børge Mogensen - Fredericia - Aram Store
Eileen Gray’s Bibendum chair in green ‘Haarkon’ velvet with a matt black base is at 30% off – was £3,487 SOLD The Spanish chair by Børge Mogensen with black saddle leather and an oiled, smoked oak frame is at 25% off – was £4,257 sale price £3,193
Air chair - Jasper Morrison - Magis - Aram Store Allstar desk chair - Vitra - Aram Store
Set of four Air chairs by Jasper Morrison for Magis in bright green plastic – UNUSED & BOXED – at 30% off – was £472 sale price £330. There are four sets available (16 chairs). Allstar desk chair by Konstanin Grcic for Vitra in grass green hopsak with green and black frame and soft casters for hard floors at 30% off – was £714 sale price £499

La Chaise - Charles & Ray Eames - Vitra - Aram Store

Charles & Ray Eames’ La Chaise – inspired by the famous Gaston Lachaise sculpture ‘Floating Figure’ – by Vitra in white lacquered polyurethane with an oak and chrome base is at 35% off – was £6,039 SOLD

There are may more ex-display clearance items available in store.

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Dining Table & Chair Offer - Aram Store Summer Sale 2018

** This offer has now ENDED**

This Summer, we have a very special offer in partnership with renowned Danish manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn. If you order one of a range of five dining tables along with four chairs from a range of six designs, all in oak – either soaped, oiled or white oiled finish – then we will give you one of those four chairs for FREE.

Simply place one of these dining tables and four of these chairs in the applicable finishes in the shopping basket and the discount will be applied automatically. 

The dining tables to choose from are:

SH900 Extending Table - Carl Hansen & Son - Aram Store

The SH900 extending table designed by Strand + Hvass – 1900 to 3000mm x 1000mm x height 720mm – in oak, soaped, oiled or white oiled finishes

CH327 table - Carl Hansen & Son - Aram Store

The CH327 table designed by Hans Wegner 1900 x 950 x height 720mm in oak – choose from soaped, oiled or white oiled finishes. Larger 2480mm table also available

CH337 CH228 tables - Carl Hansen & Son - Aram Store

Left: the CH337 extending table – right: the CH338 extending table – in oak, in soaped, oiled or white oiled finishes

CH339 Table - Carl Hansen & Son - Aram Store

Hans Wegner’s CH339 extending table (2400 x 1150 x height 720mm) in oak, soaped, oiled or white oiled finishes. Extension leaves available separately

The chairs included in the offer are:

Left – PK1 chair designed by Poul Kjærholm in natural wicker on a stainless steel frame; centre – CH23 chair with a natural papercord seat on an oak frame; CH20 ‘Elbow’ chair with an upholstered seat in any colour of ‘Loke’ leather on an oak frame. The CH23 and CH20 are both designed by Hans J Wegner; finishes: soaped, oiled or white oiled.

Dining Chair offer 1 - Aram Store Summer Sale 2018

Left – CH24 ‘Wishbone’ chair with a natural papercord seat on an oak frame; centre – CH33 chair with an upholstered seat in any colour of ‘Loke’ leather on an oak frame; right – CH88 chair, black painted or stainless steel metal frame with an oak seat and back. All three chairs designed by Hans Wegner and with wood finishes in soaped, oiled or white oiled.

Dininh Chair Offer 2 - Aram Store Summer Sale 2018

For inspiration, here are some combinations included in the offer. The headline image at the top shows the CH327 table with two CH24 ‘Wishbone’ chairs.

Here, the CH338 extendable table is paired with the CH20 ‘Elbow’ chair with a tan ‘Loke’ leather seat, both in soaped oak finish.

CH338 and CH20 Elbow chair - Hans Wegner - Carl Hansen & Son - Aram Store

The Ch337 extendable table accompanied by four CH33 chairs with black ‘Loke’ leather seats and all in oiled oak.

CH337 table and CH33 chairs - Hans Wegner - Carl Hansen & Son - Aram Store

The elegant and minimal PK1 chair – stainless steel frame with natural wicker.

PK1 chair - Poul Kjaerholm - Carl Hansen & Son - Aram Store

This offer for a free chair runs until 31 August 2018.


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Aram Store_May 2018_Bedroom Trends_Nathalie Flou Classicon Swedese

Days are long as we approach the summer solstice and it is the perfect time of year to introduce some new interior ideas. For our recent in-store photoshoot we looked at bedroom style and focused on two beds by Vico Magistretti for Flou – Nathalie and Tadao. Accompanying products are contemporary and classic designs from a number of other brands.

Flou was founded in 1978 when it launched Nathalie (pictured above), the first-ever ‘modern textile bed’. Its recognisable pillow covers with their distinctive, bow-shaped ties help to keep the bed tidy and the natural linen upholstery shown is completely removeable and washable. One of its most popular features is the optional under bed storage. Lift the mattress base from the end of the bed and hydraulic pistons quietly activate to take the weight allowing fuss-free access. Dependant on the specifications, Flou offer up to nine different size options and a range of other upholstery fabrics and leathers. Here it is photographed flanked on the right by ClassiCon’s chrome Orbis floor lamp and the St Tropez rug by Eileen Gray.

The free-standing Mira mirror by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Swedese is seen in natural oak. It also comes in black stained oak or white lacquer. Next to it sits Jean Prouvé’s Tabouret Solvay stool, designed in 1941 and now produced by Vitra.

Aram Store_May 2018_Bedroom Trends_Nathalie Flou Swedese Libri shelves

Next to the bed are the Libri shelves by Michaël Bihain for Swedese. Lean one against a wall or create a bookshelf room divider with multiples. It is available in two heights – small is pictured.

Aram Store_May 2018_Bedroom Trends_Nathalie Flou Montana Foscarini Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray’s Blue Marine rug enlivens the neutral tones by providing a pop of vibrant blue. As does the Keep dresser by Danish modular storage experts Montana, who offer a varied palette of forty-two water-based, coloured lacquers. The textured Tress floor lamp from Foscarini compliments Nathalie’s natural linen upholstery and the off-white shade of the Roattino lamp. Tress grande is pictured in griege, with black, white, crimson and indigo options also available. The smaller version – Tress media – stands at almost half its height.

Aram Store_May 2018_Bedroom Trends_Nathalie Flou Eileen Gray E1027

Eileen Gray designed the E1027 side table for her sister who enjoyed eating breakfast in bed. Being adjustable in height means it fits well next to most beds. Its strong lines and form are clearly emphasised by the matt black lacquer – a finish which she considered especially elegant.

Aram Store_May 2018_Bedroom Trends_Tadao Flou Montana Eileen Gray Flos Vitra Louis Poulsen

In contrast to Nathalie, Vico Magistretti’s Tadao bed is a minimal, wood-framed design. Strong slats of Canaletto walnut, stained oak (pictured) or larch joined together by dark blue grosgrain ribbon form the base and headboard. Four legs provide support, with two large castors at the headboard end and circular feet pads at the front. The castors make it easy to move, as well as being a playful accent.

The floor covering is Eileen Gray’s graphic Bonaparte rug and her Folding Screen is shown in gloss-white lacquer. In front is the Eames Elephant, designed in 1945 by Charles and Ray Eames. This American cherry plywood version is new from Vitra – the first time it has been serially produced in the Eames’ intended material. Next to it sits another Eames classic, the LTR occasional table in walnut, also produced by Vitra. Flou’s multi-functional Servomuto chair/side table offers a spot to keep night-time essentials and Arne Jacobsen’s AJ floor lamp in yellow ochre provides reading light.

Aram Store_May 2018_Bedroom Trends_Tadao Flou Montana Flos

The night-stand above is by Montana. Just like their modular range, Dream comes in forty-two colours with an optional matching coloured glass top (pictured). The white gloss lamp is Tab by Barber & Osgerby for Flos.

Aram Store_May 2018_Bedroom Trends_Tadao Flou Montana Wagenfeld lamp USM bedside unit Verner Panton Wire cubes

Montana produce a number of products by 20th century Danish designer Verner Panton. His stackable Panton Wire cubes are showed above left in chrome with an optional removable marble top. White, black, red and dark chrome are also available new finishes.

Above right is an example of USM’s new Haller-E range – an electrified adaptation of their unique modular storage system. This clever evolution turns the distinctive chrome structure into cable-free conduits and housing for hidden LED lighting, and USB power-points for various devices. The lamps can be configured for such uses as task-lighting in a bureau unit, accent lighting in a living-room setup, a fully illuminated display cabinet, or a bedside unit.

All furniture and lighting shown is currently on display in-store where we hold a library of material and colour samples for the majority of products.

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