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A. Petersen

A.Petersen is a Danish design and production company whose vision is to renew the typical Danish design tradition and making it relevant for the 21st century. A.Petersen believe that furniture should last a life time and their specialised craftmanship showcases this belief resulting in beautifully produced furniture for modern and contemporary environments.

Their furniture is produced through the love of the craft which is developed in collaboration with the best designers including Dan Svarth, Knud Holscher and Ole Schjøll. Examples of A.Petersens work include the OS Dining Table, Wire Chair, KHEP Chair and the Roller Cabinet – all of which are available to order through Aram.

Efficiency is at the core of A.Petersen’s values and this is demonstrated by using the most appropriate technologies to create typically Danish pieces whilst not abandoning the roots and craftmanship which the Danish are so famous for. They aim to produce furniture with a conscience and are very aware of the seriousness of the worlds resources and how they should be handled and treated.

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