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Tube Chair £2,225.00

Tube Chair

From £2,225.00
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Dan Svarth's Tube Chair for A. Petersen. Experience the illusion of weightlessness as the seat appears to effortlessly hover above the frame, supported by four meticulously hand-milled stainless steel cones. With its distinctive shape, featuring rounded corners that blend the essence of a triangle and a square, this chair embodies a harmonious fusion of geometric aesthetics. Featuring three exquisite upholstery options: the rustic charm of goat rawhide (parchment), the timeless allure of black Elegance leather, or the natural beauty of Vegetal leather. Delve into the chair's intricate construction, comprising 17 meticulously crafted components that seamlessly merge into a fluid and cohesive design. The smaller backrest gracefully extends into the front legs, while the larger exterior backrest elegantly forms the back legs. Enhancing both form and stability, two solid steel stretchers connect the front legs. Please contact the store for more information.

W: 470 x D: 380 x H: 740mm


Originally introduced in the 1980s by blacksmith and furniture manufacturer Herluf Poulsen, the Tube Chair has been reimagined and refined in collaboration with architect Dan Svarth and the skilled team at A. Petersen. This masterpiece boasts an entire frame meticulously hand-polished in stainless steel by blacksmith Mikkel Kjærholm. The seat is expertly produced and upholstered in the renowned workshops of A. Petersen.

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