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USM - Olive Green Limited Edition

USM - Olive Green Limited Edition

This Christmas, USM celebrates the festive season with the release of a special limited edition lacquer colour: olive green. This muted tone evokes a certain richness and elegance, and has been applied to just four configurations of the hugely popular Haller modular storage system. Plus, each piece includes a free gift.

USM - which stands for Ulrich Schärer Münsingen, named for the company's founder and the Swiss municipality in which it was founded in 1885 - is a world-renowned manufacturer of modular storage solutions based around the simplest of principles: a universal ball joint. Find out more about USM Modular Furniture in our Journal post here.

The limited edition olive green - RAL 6003 - is an earthy tone perfectly suited to the four configurations to which it has been applied. Epitomising the versatility of the Haller system, the pieces are ideal for any interior, whether that be bedroom, dining room, home office, bathroom or kitchen. 

USM Sideboard Olive Green Limited Edition

The USM Sideboard (W: 1525 x D: 375 x H: 740mm) features four large drop down doors, providing excellent storage space within.

USM Highboard Olive Green Limited Edition

The USM Highboard SOLD OUT (W: 773 x D: 373 xH: 1090mm), shown here in a bathroom setting, features a column of three large drop down doors.

USM Lowboard Olive Green Limited Edition

The USM Lowboard (W: 1523 x D: 373 xH: 565mm) lends itself to the dining room or living room, offering storage of tableware or for multimedia. Two large drop down doors with open sections above.

USM Trolley Olive Green Limited Edition

The USM Trolley SOLD OUT (W: 773 x D: 523 x H: 675mm) comprises two levels with chrome bar surrounds to contain and support bottles, for example, with braked castors.

USM Limited Editions include a free gift of two Martini glasses

Each limited edition piece also includes a free gift of a set of two martini glasses made by Riedel, the famous crystal glassware manufacturer founded in Bohemia in 1756. 

Stock of the olive green edition is very limited and once it has sold through, it will not be available again. Pre-order now for delivery in November.