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Storage Solutions from Piure

Nex Pur Storage from Piure Aram Store is pleased to introduce to the London market a new range of storage solutions from German manufacturer Piure. The elegant and subtle designs exhibit exceptional proportion and detailing and offer almost unlimited scope for personalisation - whether in regard to size and configuration, or in regard to colours and finish options. Each piece is manufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art machinery, as this is the only way to meet the required high standards with regard to precision, finesse, and finish.

Line Sideboards from Piure

The designs are divided roughly into three sectors - Line, Nex and Nex Pur. Line is characterised by a 10mm profile at the outer edges of each unit. Configurations can include drawers, side opening doors and drop-down flap doors. The principles of the modules are based on three depths - 35cm, 45cm or 60cm - and two widths - 40cm and 55cm. These widths can be combined to make unit widths of 80cm, 95cm or 110cm. Module heights are then based on multiples of 10.5cm, rising to a maximum height of 210cm, or to 273cm for wardrobes.

Line Sideboard Drawers Gloss Green

A palette of 19 graceful colours can be finished in either matt or gloss lacquer with top surfaces in matt or gloss glass; different colours can be applied to external, internal, front or top surfaces - alternatively there are five wood veneers. There are also five types of handle and seven types of base/legs to choose from.

Line Sideboard Wood Veneer Line Sideboard open units Line Sideboard Doors Line Units

With such an incredible plethora of choice it is obviously easy to lose oneself. Thankfully Piure have provided powerful configuration software - visit us in store and we can help you to plan your perfect Line storage.

Nex offers a similar amount of choice. This time the outer profile is a slender 5mm with mitred corners. The modules are 40cm or 60cm in width, with depths or 33.8cm or 45.8cm. Sideboard heights are 25cm, 37.5cm, 50cm, 62.5cm or 75cm. Wardrobe heights are 234cm, 246.5cm or 265.5cm. There are choices of handle and feet - and the nex units can also be wall-mounted. Dizzying options once again!

Nex Wardrobes from Piure Nex Wardrobes in Blue Nex Wardrobes

Nex Pur is a specific selection of configurations - offered only in white lacquer - that are manufactured in larger quantities. These can therefore be more keenly priced than the more bespoke choices and are available on shorter lead times - usually approx 4 weeks from Germany.

Nex Pur Media Box

The range comprises media boxes, sideboards, shelving units and wardrobes. Sideboard widths are either 60cm or 120cm with heights of 37.5cm, 50cm or 75cm plus the height of your choice of foot: small black glides or dark grey L-shaped corner legs. Shelves come in 30cm, 50cm or 70cm widths at 36cm depth and 211.5cm height. Wardrobes are 50cm or 100cm wide at 62cm depth and 234cm height.

Nex Pur Units

Nex Pur Regal Shelving

We have examples of both Line and Nex Pur on display in the store - why not pop in and see it for yourself. Alternatively, let us know what size of space you wish to fill and we can configure some options for you and send them by email.