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Gascoin Dining Collection from Gubi

Gascoin Dining Collection from Gubi

Gubi presents a new dining collection by Marcel Gascoin. The new collection offers new versions of the C-Chair and two new tables: The B-Table and S-Table. The Gascoin Dining Collection from Gubi is created with industrial precision and passionate handwork, using FSC-certified oak or American walnut and all-natural materials. As a responce to the changing lifestyles in post-war France, Marcel Gascoin created a new standard of useful and pragmatic furniture that were both functional and space-efficient.

Marcel Gascoin C-Chair

New C-Chair Editions
The new dining collection includes new editions with veneer seat and backrest, a revival of the original version with hand-woven paper cord and a version with upholstered seat pad, as well as Gubi's 2018 re-introduction of the chair with natural cane in French weave for the seat and back.

Marcel Gascoin B-Table

The B-Table, originally designed in 1950, was initially called the 'Bridge table' or 'Bridge/Repas', cleverly engineered for easy transformation from the square 'gaming' position for four people to a round dinner table for six.

Marcel Gascoin S-Table

The S-Table was originally created by Marcel Gascoin in 1951 for the living quarters of officers at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. The S-Table extends easily by a meter, adding an extra two place settings on either end, to seat up to ten.

The new Gascoin Dining Collection will be on display in store this September and is EXCLUSIVE to just three UK dealers, of which Aram Store is proud to be one.

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