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Eames Plastic Chairs RE

Eames Plastic Chairs RE

The Eames Plastic Chairs RE, now manufactured from recycled plastic, are the latest version of the legendary Eames Plastic Chairs from 1950, which were developed for the Museum of Modern Art’s 'Low-Cost Furniture Design' competition and were the very first industrially produced plastic chairs. The organically shaped shell of the Plastic Chairs RE can be paired with different bases for use in a broad range of settings, whether in the dining room, restaurant, office, home workspace or waiting areas, on the balcony or in the garden. Combined with a choice of colours and a variety of upholstery versions, it is possible to create the ideal chair for individual needs.

Eames Plastic Chair RE Recycled Material

The recycled plastic material for the shells of the Eames Plastic Chairs RE stems from household waste, particularly used packaging, obtained through the 'Yellow Bag' (Gelber Sack) waste collection programme in Germany. Utilising this recycled material instead of the primary plastics previously used generates fewer climate-damaging emissions and consumes significantly less energy. Due to the composition of the recycled material, the various colour versions of the seat shells are interspersed with tiny specks of pigment. At the end of the product’s life, the shells can be 100% recycled fulfilling the strict ecological requirements that Vitra places on new materials and solutions in the development and manufacture of its products.

"Vitra's greatest contribution to sustainability is its products with an above-average service life, which omit everything superfluous. Our roots in modern design would allow nothing else."
Nora Fehlbaum, CEO of Vitra

At Vitra, materials are a pre-eminent concern: their sourcing, processing and use in products constitute about 80% of the company's overall carbon footprint. That is why Vitra strves to utilise materials that are as sustainable and low impact as possible.

Eames Plastic Chairs RE Group Vitra - Aram

In the last few years, Vitra has put special emphasis on recycled materials, believing that waste should be treated as a valuable raw material and that it should be kept in the loop and reused to create high quality, long-lasting products. To ensure that Vitra products remain in circulation for as long as possible, they are designed in a manner that facilitates their reuse and recycling.

Eames Plastic Chairs RE Recycled Plastic Vitra - Aram

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