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Cane-line SoftTouch Fabric

Cane-line Conic Range

A long-standing problem with outdoor furniture is that, in order to acheive the required durability, the level of comfort is often compromised - a tough finish is not necessarily a soft finish. Danish manufacturer Cane-line has at last solved this conundrum.

Cane-line SoftTouch Fabric

Cane-line Core Dining Chair Cane-line SoftTouch® is a newly developed fabric made exclusively for Cane-line. A combination of hard-wearing Textilene® and soft Sunbrella®(fabric) - makes a soft yet tough surface. The unique SoftTouch material is mottled grey colour and looks like traditional furniture fabric. The more textured surface raises the level of comfort, while the furniture maintains its weather-proof properties. The fabric enables you to just leave your furniture outdoor with a minimum of maintenance, although we do recommend that you store the product/furniture inside or under a cover during winter.

Rain drys quickly from Cane-line furniture Combined with Cane-line's QuickDry foam®, even if the furniture is left outside during a Summer shower, rainwater drains quickly and easily through both the surface textile and the inner cushion - making the chair dry enough to sit on again in only about 20 minutes.

CAne-line Conic and Core range

SoftTouch® is available on the Conic modular sofa, the Conic armchair, the Conic sunbed, the Core lounge and dining chair and the Traveller chair.