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About this designer: Mart Stam
Mart Stam
Mart Stam (1899–1986) was a Dutch architect, urban planner, and furniture designer. Stam was extraordinarily well-connected, and his career intersects with important moments in the history of 20th-century European architecture, including chair design at the Bauhaus, the Weissenhoff Seidlung in Stuttgart and postwar reconstruction in Germany. Stam is most famous for devising a tubular steel cantilever chair in the early 1920s and spawning an entire genre of chair design, which was taken up and expanded by Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe.
About this brand: Thonet
Thonet today, as in the past, is considered a pioneer of furniture design throughout the world. The company was established in 1819 by Michael Thonet to produce his own designs, using the then new bentwood process, which he developed. Within a short period of time it became a major furniture manufacturer with a global distribution network. In the 1930's a major expansion took place with the addition of tubular steel furniture from famous Bauhaus associated designers such as Mart Stam, Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe. Today, as well as continuing with the manufacture of many of the tubular steel and bentwood classics, Thonet, in their long established tradition of innovation and design quality, introduce products by renowned contemporary architects and designers.

S34N All Seasons Arm Chair


S34N All Seasons Arm Chair

S34N All Seasons Arm Chair

Mart Stam
Cherry Mesh
Copper Mesh
Lime Mesh
Moss Green Mesh
Natural Mesh
Night Blue Mesh
Petrol Teal Mesh
Sky Blue Mesh
White Mesh
Black TS9005 Lacquer Frame
Chocolate TS8005 Lacquer Frame
Grey Green TS2005 Lacquer Frame
Mustard Yellow TS2050 Lacquer Frame
Tomato Red TS3013 Lacquer Frame
Warm Grey TS3005 Lacquer Frame
White TS9010 Lacquer Frame
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Lead time: 8 Weeks Made to order


In the sun or rain, on the terrace or balcony, in the winter garden or dining room – Thonet's new All Seasons collection is a real eye catcher. Comprising an innovative, coloured "ThonetProtect®" surface for the frames, which is just as UV resistant as the mesh for the seats and backrests, the new models are especially durable - tested for harsh conditions such as salt spray against criteria used in the car industry. The S34 chair is also available with black plastic or iroko wood armrests - contact the store for these options.

NB - Minimum order is 3 chairs (or 2 armchairs and 2 S33N side chairs)



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