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Inpli Vase £590.00

Inpli Vase

From £590.00
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Inpli Vase by Baptiste Ymonet & Vincent Jousseaume for Atelier Polyhedre. Inpli Vase is a stunning piece of design that draws inspiration from the ancient art forms of Japan and Greece. Its shape takes the form of a tube enveloped by a leaf-like structure that also functions as a pair of exquisitely stylised handles. The combination of these elements creates a unique aesthetic that serves as a striking decorative object suitable for both residential and commercial settings. The Inpli vase blends seamlessly with modern design schemes, making it an ideal addition to any space looking to make a bold design statement. Please contact the store for more information.

W: 180 x H: 400mm

Red earthenware with a transparent enamel (external colour: terracotta red)


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