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Sibast Furniture

Sibast Furniture

Founded by Peder Olsen Sibast in 1908, Sibast Furniture began as a small carpentry company on the island of Funen in Denmark. The company grew with Peder’s children joining him in the business. His son Helge became his apprentice and later took over the helm. Together their focus was on skilled craftsmanship and developing new products with designers such as Arne Vodder who served his apprenticeship with Finn Juhl, a leading figure within 20th century Danish design. Helge himself designed a number of products and the Sibast No 7 and No 8 chairs launched in 1953.

Sibast No 7 and Sibast No 8 dining chairs and Sibast No 2 dining table_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store Sibast Furniture No 8 chair, No 2 dining table and No 7 dining chairs

The company was sold in 1984 with copyright of Helge’s designs retained by his three daughters. In 2012 along with his wife Anna, Ditlev Sibast - grandson of Helge, re-established Sibast Furniture and resumed manufacturing Helge’s products. The couple have added to the range with their own designs, amongst them the No 2 dining table, No 7 barstool and No 7 lounge chair.

Sibast No 7 dining chair and Sibast No 2 dining table_Helge Sibast_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store Sibast Furniture No 7 dining chairs and No 2 table

Helge Sibast’s No 7 dining chair is characterised by its bold molded backrest and tapered back legs. The seat sits as a singular element on top of the chair’s frame and is available in treated oak, leather or fabric upholstery. The frame comes in black lacquered, oiled, smoked or soaped oak. A set of No 7 chairs in oiled oak with cognac leather seats is currently on display in-store.

Sibast No 7 lounge chair_Ditlev and Anna Sibast_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store Sibast Furniture No 7 lounge chair

The No 7 lounge chair is a contemporary development of the dining chair created by Ditlev and Anna Sibast in collaboration with New York-based designer Marcus Hannibal. The key components of the No 7 dining chair translate perfectly into this relaxed form with the curved back and angled legs providing a solid base to lean into. It is available in the same finish options as the dining version with one exception, the seat is only available upholstered in fabric or leather. The chair can be seen in smoked oak and anthracite leather in-store.

Sibast No 8 dining chair and Sibast No 2 dining table_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store Sibast Furniture No 2 table and No 8 chairs

For the No 2 dining table Anna and Ditlev collaborated with Helge’s daughter Bodil who followed in the footsteps of her father as a furniture designer and cabinetmaker. Their inspiration came from Helge’s No 1 side table designed in the late 1950s and adhears to his principle that a chair should never be hidden under a table, but placed beside it. True to this philosophy the stringent, narrow No 2 dining table is a refined design which allows chairs placed beside it a chance to shine. It is available in oiled, soaped or smoked oak.

Sibast No 8 dining chair and Sibast No 2 dining table_Sibast Furniture_Aram Store Sibast Furniture No 8 dining chair and No 2 dining table

A signature piece from the Sibast Furniture range, the No 8 dining chair has characteristic y-shaped legs and a back support formed of spindle struts. The floating seat and the press moulded backrest demand a high quality of craftsmanship in order to create the whole form. The reissued chair has been nominated for the German Design Award 2019 in the product design category. It is in-store in smoked oak and anthracite leather.

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