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Acerbis International

Benvenuto Acerbis opened a carpenter's shop in Bergamo in 1870. His son Marino took over the business in 1942 and introduced the produciton of coloured lacquers. Lodovico Acerbis took over in 1963 and created Acerbis International: a brand that took its artisan inheritance and reinterpreted it in new collections of finely designed furniture, collaborating with eminent architects and designers.

Lodovico and Giotto Stoppino created the award-winning Sheraton in 1977 cementing the company's focus on developing polyester lacquers and studying new materials and technologies. Work by Massimo Vignelli, Foster+Partners and Marco Acerbis brought more awards through the turn of the millennium, with Enrico Acerbis taking the helm in 2013.

The acquisition of Acerbis International by industry leader MDF Italia in 2020 brought fresh vigour to one of the most enduring furniture companies in Italy whose continual search for modernity has produced creations of stunning innovation. MDF Italia and Acerbis demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through ISO 14001 certification, internationally recognised as the reference standard for environmental management systems.

Click to view Sinestesia, a film by Lorenzo Gironi for the new Acerbis collection.

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