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Bamboo Rug 300cm £4,370.70

Bamboo Rug 300cm

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from Kvadrat.

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Bamboo Rug by Felix Diener and Ulf Moritz for Kvadrat. Bamboo rug as its name suggests is made out of 100% bamboo viscose. Featuring exceptional colour richness, Bamboo is a livley and individual rug which gives off a shimmering aesthetic. Consisting of a 40mm pile and a dense composition, each square metre contains over 1.8 millions yarns. A natural and sustainable rug the bamboo sicose yarns also offers other benefits such as it's excellent breathability which helps to regulate the climate of the room. It absorbs humidity when the air is too hot and replaces it when the atmosphere gets too dry. Here is the chocolate 1807 colours. Many more colours are available - please contact the store.


Produced in: Holland

Production method: Tufted

Slight colour differences may occur

One m² contains 1.8 million bamboo viscose threads. Therefore some may detach when the rug is in use, particularly with new rugs

Rugs made with bamboo viscose will reduce the amount they shed but will not cease shedding completely. This will not affect the appearance or quality of the rug

If a bamboo viscose rug gets wet it will take a few days to dry fully. Do not walk on it as it will damage the yarns. The (wet) rug should not be rubbed as the structure may change

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