About this brand: Mattiazzi
Among contemporary furniture manufacturers, Mattiazzi, a family owned producer of wooden furniture in Udine, Italy, is uncommon. While many producers in that region rely on third party factories and work in diverse materials, Mattiazzi operates with their own machines and hands, and has developed a healthy obsession for woodworking. Since 1978, when brothers Nevio and Fabiano Mattiazzi founded the company, Mattiazzi has steadily cultivated its local manufacturing culture. Each of their network of wood shops has its own focus, from milling to lacquering, and a particular process always belongs to a specific part of town. Their highly specialized craftsmen operate the most sophisticated machinery available to the wood industry. An eight-axis CNC milling machine allows wood to take the complex shapes associated with injection-molded plastic. Operating such a machine is an art and Mattiazzi disproves the modern myth that mechanized manufacturing is not a craft.

She Said Chair

Code: 8560
Price per unit:
590x560x770h mm
8-10 Weeks

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Designer Nitzan Cohen has played with the concepts of masculine and feminine aesthetics in his chair collection He Said/She Said. The smooth, curving backrest that joining the back with the armrests and legs suggests injection-molded plastic, however, these curves have cleverly been created using wood, making the chairs highly unique and original. Available in natural ash or beech, black or white.

NB - MINIMUM order quantity is FOUR. This chair must be ordered in PAIRS.