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Super-Elliptical Table 150x100cm £2,299.00

Super-Elliptical Table 150x100cm

From £2,299.00
*Colours are representative, actual product may vary.
The Super-Elliptical™, the Super-Circular™, circular, square and rectangular tables were designed by Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson, and Arne Jacobsen in 1968. The most prominent member of the series, the Super-Elliptical table, was inspired by the designer Piet Hein’s mathematical solution to a traffic problem at Sergels Torg in Stockholm: A super elliptical roundabout. This variation of an oval possessed some attractive qualities and looked surprisingly harmonious no matter the size. The formula based shape has no ends so everyone has an equal position. The tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are available in standard laminate, special Fenix laminate and walnut veneer, with a base in either chromed or powder coated steel. Ref B612


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