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About the brand: Tecta

In 1972, Axel Bruchhäuser and his father started reproducing old and sometimes forgotten products from the Bauhaus masters and other Modernists. In some cases, starting from a photograph they meticulously reconstructed a furniture piece and then presented it to the designer. For nearly 30 years TECTA has been devoted to the re-edition of original and licensed furniture designs of the Modern Period. The famous German architectural theorist Prof. Heinrich Klotz wrote about TECTA: "TECTA is now realizing what the Bauhaus masters waited for in vain. Many of the furniture designs of the international avantgarde of the 1920s, for example Breuer's glass case and folding chair or Gropius' Fagus Factory armchair, have been produced by machine for the first time by TECTA and thus become reasonably ...

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