MAgriTTA Pop Art Sculpture 1971 £2,750.00

MAgriTTA Pop Art Sculpture 1971

From £2,750.00

from Aram Designs.

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Roberto Sebastian Matta designed this chair as a tribute to his friend and fellow surrealist painter René Magritte. The apple and black bowler hat are two of Magritte’s trademarks, derived from his 1946 self-portrait The Son of Man. In the painting, Magritte shows himself wearing a black suit, bowler hat and red necktie. The surrealist aspect is a green apple floating mid-air which hides his face. Matta playfully adapted the painting by creating a fiberglass bowler hat, set upside-down, with a green foam apple inside it. When sat on, the foam of the apple would have compressed into the hat. The name MAgriTTA is a combination of the names Magritte and Matta. Designed in 1970, made by Simon Gavina, purchased in 1971.

W: 880x D: 1000x H: 550mm

The hat is made of ABS and the apple is made of soft polyurethane foam and upholstered with elastic cloth


Very good with very little sign of wear

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