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About this designer: Arne Jacobsen
Arne Jacobsen
Arne Jacobsen (1902-71), architect and designer. Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Cph, professor at the Academy. As a designer, Jacobsen made prototypes for furniture, textiles, wallpaper and silverware. Among his most famous designs are The Ant™ designed in 1952 and Series 7™ designed i 1955.The breakthrough of these two chairs propelled his and Fritz Hansen's names into furniture history. Arne Jacobsen was very productive both as an architect and as a designer. At the end of the 50s Arne Jacobsen designed the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, and for that project the Egg™, the Swan™, the Swan™ sofa and Series 3300™. Arne Jacobsen was and is an admired and outstanding designer. While the significance of Arne Jacobsen's buildings was less appreciated, his furniture and other design work have become national and international heritage
About this brand: Fritz Hansen
Fritz Hansen
Fritz Hansen started his company October 24, 1872 in Copenhagen, specializing in the manufacture of small furniture parts. In 1915 the first Danish chair in steam bentwood was launched at a new factory in Allerød, north of Copenhagen. It was an immediate success. In the mid-20s Fritz Hansen started a serious and productive teamwork with leading furniture designers. This kind of teamwork has characterized Fritz Hansen ever since. The cooperation with architect Arne Jacobsen began in 1934. However, it was the laminated wooden chair, the Ant, from 1952 that became the biggest success in Danish furniture history. The cooperation with Jacobsen generated a number of laminated chairs but also other world acclaimed furniture such as the Egg and the Swan from 1958. Fritz Hansen has continued working with designers which has resulted in many epoch-making pieces of furniture in the 1960s and 70s. Since then Fritz Hansen has continually added new furniture to its collection.

Series 7 Chair 2015 Lacquered


Series 7 Chair 2015 Lacquered

Series 7 Chair 2015 Lacquered

Arne Jacobsen
Fritz Hansen
Ai Indigo Lacquer
Altstadt Rose Lacquer
Black Lacquer
Chevalier Orange Lacquer
Chocolate Milk Brown Lacquer
Egyptian Yellow Lacquer
Evren Purple Lacquer
Huzun Green Lacquer
Nine Grey Lacquer
Opium Red Lacquer
Trieste Blue Lacquer
White Lacquer
Black Painted Legs
Chevalier Orange Painted Legs
Chrome Legs
Trieste Blue Painted Legs
White Painted Legs
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Fritz Hansen asked the Danish artist Tal R to pick nine new colours to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Series 7™ chair. Tal R is internationally celebrated for his profound sense of colour, which is also clearly evident in the beautiful colours he has chosen for the new editions of the Series 7™ chair. The new colours revitalize the design and let us see the iconic chair in a new light. Moreover, he has chosen to use two of the colours both on the base and the seat shell to produce a monochrome look. The new look makes us ‘read’ the chair differently, seeing it as a single shape unlike the traditional chrome frame edition, which is read more as a shell on a base. The monochrome look gives the Series 7™ chair a homelier and warmer appearance that is refreshingly new


500x520x465/805h mm

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