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Eileen Gray Folding Screen £8,349.00

Eileen Gray Folding Screen

From £8,349.00

Designed by Eileen Gray from Aram Designs.

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For over half a century, Eileen Gray had anticipated the cool industrial aesthetics of modern technology with the Folding Screen and her fluorescent lighting fixture Tube Light. Her softly curved, four-leaf folding screen with its perforated metal panels will also survive the stylistic trends of future decades undamaged. Indeed, there are forms upon which no one can improve. Four-piece, foldable screen. Wooden frame with two differing perforated panels. High-gloss lacquer finish in black, grey, white or chinese red. Aram Designs Ltd. holds the Worldwide licence for Eileen Gray's designs.

W: 1380 x H: 1670 mm

Four-piece, foldable screen.

Solid wooden frame with two different perforated metal panel fillings.

High-gloss lacquered in black, white and Chinese red.

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