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Poul Henningsen PH 5 Lamp

PH5 Pendant Lamp

Poul Henningsen - born in 1894 in Ordrup, Denmark - trained as an architect between 1911 and 1917 but he never qualified, preferring instead to be an inventor and painter. He is best known of course for his work in lighting design, collaborating with the Danish manufacturer Louis Poulsen from 1924 until his death in 1967. Through carefully detailed analysis of geometry and materials, his key aim was to produce 100% glare-free and uniform illumination which is orientated to create pools of light, and which reproduces electrically the cosy warmth reminiscent of natural light: candles, oil lamps, even sunlight. These principles reflect how the Danes use light in their homes and are evident in all of the lighting produced by Louis Poulsen.

Classic White PH5 Pendant Lamp

One of Henningsen's best-known designs, the PH 5 lamp was developed at Poulsen in 1958 - the culmination of constant refinement of his 'three shade' design from the 20s. A beautifully elegant structure of five gently curved shades of varying radii made from spun and rolled aluminium, painted in pure matt white; from whatever angle the lamp is viewed, the light source is always shaded and uniform illumination is distributed by the light reflecting off the shade surfaces. In order to balance the light emitted from modern light sources, the small central 'third' shade is painted a subtle purple blue colour. It is arguably one of the most satisfying luminaires ever produced.

PH5 Pendant Lamp

To celebrate this timeless classic, we are offering it at a 20% discount - £345 instead of £432. Held in stock, we can also despatch the lamp straightaway and the offer lasts until Saturday 23rd April 2016. Order yours today.

Patera Pendant Lamp

This year has also seen Louis Poulsen introduce new lamps to the market, as well as some new finishes for existing designs. Inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and developed through 3D printing techniques, Øivind Slaatto's Patera is a glowing sphere built up of small diamond-shaped cells. Each cell is carefully designed to capture light and to shield the light source from the viewing angles above 45 degrees. Each cell glows. Below 45 degrees, the fields are open to direct light downwards. A small amount of light is also sent upwards to illuminate the ceiling.

NJP Desk Lamp

The NJP desk lamp by Studio Nendo provides direct glare-free horizontal light while reflecting some of the light through the rear of the head, illuminating the top of the arm. The ergonomic design of the fixture head shapes the light and gives optimal light direction. A simple mechanical system provides great freedom of movement, so the light can always be set in the ideal position in the workspace. The shade is painted white on the inside, reflecting comfortable diffused light.

PH Poul Henningsen Table Lamp

The PH 3½-2½ table lamp adds an historical detail to Louis Poulsen's range. A detail that brings a nostalgic touch to any interior, without clashing with the other fittings and furnishings. And with a choice of four colours, its presence can be made more or less prominent depending on mood, imagination and creativity. Reintroducing a table lamp based on Henningsen's original 'three shade' system from the 1920s, the table lamp is fitted with a metal top shade, whose white lower surface reflects the light gently downwards. In addition to ensuring improved effectiveness of the light source, the two mouth-blown lower shades provide pleasant, glare-free lighting in the room as a whole.

PH Artichoke Pendant Lamp

One of the world's biggest lighting design icons - the PH Artichoke - is being released in a new polished steel version. This adds a fourth member to the renowned light fixture family, which today comprises copper, white painted metal and brushed steel models.