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Montana TV & Sound

Montana TV & Sound

Montana TV & Sound modules have been designed for storing Hi-Fi systems and AV electronic equipment.

Enjoy your high resolution TV and crisp surround sound without the clutter of cables, remote controls and other electronic devices and accessories. Store it all away in a classic and beautiful storage solution, designed to suit your needs.

Montana TV & Sound SI13 Module

The retractable doors discreetly hide the electronic equipment. The door has a perforated steel front lacquered in Montana’s colours. The door has no handles; to open, push lightly at the bottom and slide it up under the top of the unit. The perforated retractable door makes it possible to operate electronic equipment through the closed door, and provides better air circulation around the devices.

The back panel is fitted with a round slot for a cable grommet to connect the unit to the power socket. The shelf has a slot for cabling between equipment into the unit.

Montana TV & Sound SJ13 Module

Montana TV & Sound SL12 Module

Until 31 March 2020 there is 20% off these five TV & Sound configurations, with options for castors, legs, plinths or wall mounted. Choose from a palette of 40 colours. (SI13, SJ13, SL12, SI14 and VI18)

Montana TV & Sound SI14 Module

TV & Sound Unit SI14 - Contact the store for this configuration.

Montana TV & Sound VI18 Module

TV & Sound Unit VI18 - Contact the store for this configuration.