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House with Courtyards

House with Courtyards

It’s a rarity to be able to share a peek inside a client’s home; so when given permission to do so with this wonderful project we jumped at the chance. House with Courtyards by architect practice Invisible Studio is positioned on a Cornish hillside overlooking Polzeath Beach. It is built with sensitivity to the area using local slate and copper as the primary materials. With vast windows looking both east and west, as well as large skylights, the home captures the sun throughout the day.

House with Courtyards 35 - Jim Stephenson - Aram Store

In keeping with the design of the house and materials used, our client chose furniture to sit in harmony with the surroundings. They selected contemporary designs with comfortable, homely sensibilities. Cane-line Parc rocking chairs and a Cane-line Level coffee table in teak with lava-grey aluminium frames were used for the terrace. Over time the teak will turn silver to further complement the slate exterior.

House with Courtyards 45 - Jim Stephenson - Aram Store

A Naver GM7700 series extending table in milky Corian and white oiled oak with a set of Miyazaki Chair Factory DC09 chairs also in white oiled oak were chosen for the main kitchen-dining room. These create an inviting setting in the warm evening sunlight.

House with Courtyards 39 - Jim Stephenson - Aram Store

For the kitchen counter Sibast No 7 barstools were picked in white oiled oak – to tie in with the dining set – and with cognac leather seats to mirror the warmth of the copper-fronted units. These are an updated version of the classic 1950s design by Helge Sibast.

To learn more about the project you can visit the Invisible Studio website or watch a short created by Stephenson&.

Photography by Jim Stephenson.

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