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Carl Hansen & Sn - 110th Birthday

Carl Hansen & Sn - 110th Birthday

Please note that this promotion has now ended.

28 October 2018 marks the 110th birthday of eminent Danish manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn. Carl Hansen founded his company in a small workshop in Odense on the island of Funen in Denmark in 1908 - it now occupies over 18,000 square metres of factory space across 12 buildings in Gelsted. Maintaining production in Denmark also maintains the tradition of passionate craftsmanship that is the company's hallmark.

CH24 Wishbone chair - new colours for Autumn
The 'Russet Hues' colour palette - rosy blush, russet red and deep burgundy CH24 Wishbone chair - Autumn colour palette
The 'Harmony' colour palette - oyster grey, forest green and deep olive

To celebrate this birthday, Carl Hansen & Søn have released two new earthy colour palettes for Hans Wegner's Wishbone chair CH24, each of three tones, curated by renowned art director and stylist Despina Curtis. 'Russet Hues' - earthy colours deeply rooted in nature: rose blush, russet red, deep burgundy; and 'Harmony' - fresh and calm neutrals that borrow from beaches and woodlands: oyster grey, forest green, deep olive. These lacquer colours on beech frames with natural papercord seats are also released at a special introductory price of just £500, until 31 December 2018.

Ch24 Wishbone - Carl Hansen & Son birthday colours

As a further 'birthday present' we are also offering a special discount of up to 26% off five of the classic wood Wishbone finishes: soaped, oiled and black lacquered Oak, and soaped and black lacquered Beech. The discounted price is £575 until 31 December 2018.

CH24 Wishbone Chair - Hans Wegner - Carl Hansen & Son - Wood