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The D*Table

In 1903, Henry Ernest Dudeney stunned the mathematical world with his ‘Haberdasher’s Puzzle’, which proved how to turn a perfect equilateral triangle into a perfect square. The artist and sculptor Maty Grünberg utilised this mathematical principle to design an occasional table especially for Aram’s 23rd anniversary celebrations in 1987, which he called the D*Table.

Dudenay's mathematical principle

Maty Grünberg David ben-Grünberg Daniel Woolfson

David ben-Grünberg, Maty Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson with a model of the D*Table, photographed by Barbara Chandler

Now, in Aram’s 50th anniversary year, Maty’s son David ben-Grünberg and his business partner Daniel Woolfson have manufactured the D*Table with up-to-date materials and we are delighted to present this design exclusively to the UK market. Manufactured to the highest standards in a Danish factory (used by Fritz Hansen) from engineered carb 2 timber, the table’s surface is protected by a 0.5mm aluminium layer which is then painted with a non-toxic semi-soft matt finish in either black or white.

The D*Table in black

The D*Table in whiteThere are three hinge points for the four sections of each table and the hinges are formed of flexible upvc. 12 hinges are supplied – 4 in red, black or white – providing an extra one of each colour just in case they get lost down the back of the sofa! Each section swivels on 50mm rubber castors; for stability, we recommend that the sections are not used separately but are always connected by their hinges. The sections provide a variety of storage spaces – shelves, containers, a magazine rack and even a bottle holder. Also provided is a set of four coloured coasters echoing the shape of each section.

D*Table hinge

D*Table Coasters

Come in to the Store at Drury Lane to experience this mathematical phenomenon for yourself, or watch a Vimeo demonstration here:



  1. mike king says:

    can you tell me how much the D Table costs to buy


  2. Aram Store says:

    Hi Mike – the D*Table retails at £1,200 through Aram – further details are on the product page linked from the blogpost, here: http://www.aram.co.uk/d-table.html
    Best regards, Aram Store