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Opinion Ciatti SRL
The Ciatti family has been managing the company that bears its name from the fifties, promoting the expansion of the business that is still thriving today for three generations. Its debut dates back to 1950 when the first manufacturing plant was opened. Initially focusing almost entirely on the production of cabinets for radios and record players, after a few years the company started to specialize in the manufacture of stands for televisions and in 1985, well ahead of time, added computer cabinets to its portfolio further expanding its range in the years that followed. The quality of its products, its competitive prices, the choice of a packaging aimed at establishing a direct communication with consumers and fast deliveries have enabled it not only to maintain but also to consolidate its market leadership.

Tab.U Stool

Code: 10635
Price per unit:
310x430 mm
6-8 Weeks

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Designed by Bruno Rainaldi, the Tab.U is a stool or a side table with a mirrored top and mirror-polished aluminium sides which have been 'crinkled' by hand.