About this designer: Joe Colombo
Joe Colombo
Cesare Colombo (better known as Joe) was born in Milan in 1930. He attended the Brera Academy and the Milan Polytechnic school of Architecture. He worked as a painter, property developer, car salesman, and businessman before opening his own design studio in 1963. Within a few years he had won many major design awards. A tall, well-built, inveterate pipe smoker, he was never a slave to ideological bounds but embodied many of the utopian ideals of the 60s. He died prematurely in 1971 on his 41st birthday. His Boby Trolley line for B-Line is probably his best known work and is stocked by Aram Store.
About this brand: B-Line
Established in Italy in 1999, B-Line have been producing contemporary furniture solutions for the home, office and public areas ever since. With a strong stable of design talent such as Rodolfo Bonetto, Aziz Sariyer and, of course, Joe Colombo to draw from, they are able to uphold their enthusiasm for manufacturing and providing quality, contemporary and original products as well as iconic and award winning pieces such as Colombo’s ‘Boby Trolley’

Boby 3/5 Trolley

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410x430x740h mm
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Designed by Joe Colombo in 1970 the Boby trolley is a versatile storage unit which can house almost anything. Originally designed to suit the needs of an architect/designer, through the years the Boby trolley functions perfectly in the home, office or even laboratory. The Boby trolley is in the collections of MoMA and Milan's 'Triennale'. Available in black, white, red, orange, or aluminium. 3 sections and 5 drawers