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Eileen Gray at Aram Store

“To create, one must first question everything.” – Eileen Gray

Aram is the home of Eileen Gray designs. To coincide with the major retrospective on Eileen Gray at Centre Pompidou in Paris, we have created a beautiful display of all Eileen Gray’s designs currently in production at Aram Store. This is the first time the full collection can be seen together in one dedicated space. The display runs until 6 April.

Eileen Gray - Villa E.1027

The salon of Eileen Gray’s villa E.1027 at Roquebrune Cap Martin with the Bibendum chair, the Transat chair and the Black Board rug

Zeev Aram first met Eileen Gray in 1973. Although in her 90s, she was astute and focused and, when Aram suggested they try to put her classic designs into production, she was just as involved in the process as he was. These designs had never been put into production before. Aram and Gray worked together to achieve this and subsequently Eileen Gray granted Aram the licence to produce and market her designs worldwide.

The E 1027 Adjustable Table

The E 1027 Adjustable Table

Aram’s unceasing efforts have seen the designs of Eileen Gray progressively gain awareness and appreciation amongst consumers and professionals alike throughout the world. An E 1027 adjustable table forms part of MoMA’s permanent collection; this and her other designs are now so well known it is difficult to imagine that they were virtually unknown during her lifetime.

Eileen Gray designs on display

All Eileen Gray’s designs are currently on display together at 110 Drury Lane


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